Vegan Solid Shampoo Trio

Vegan Solid Shampoo Trio

A bundle of 3 solid shampoos make a great gift or sampler pack for those who can't decide which flavour to get. Or, if you like a particular scent, it's a great way to stock up and save. 


Made from natural or natural derived ingredients, our pH-balanced solid shampoo are vegan-friendly, silicone, paraben and SLS free.


Choose from 3 flavours: 

1. My Little Posy 

2. Clari-Tea 

3. Tea-riffic 


  • How to use

    Wet your hair and rub the bar into your scalp. 

    To increase the lifespan of the bar and save water, switch off your shower while latering up. Keep the bar dry between uses. 

    Lasts about 30-50 washes, depending on hair length and thickness. 

  • Nett weight

    Approx 50g 

  • Pre-order

    This item is on pre-order and made fresh. They will be mailed out in about 1-2 weeks. Please contact us if you need them urgently. 

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