Soap Loaf

Soap Loaf

Like our soaps? Order a whole loaf to share with your family and friends. This is an economical option if you want to stock up. 


Choose from an uncut loaf or a cut one. Uncut loaves make  a nice activity at small gatherings. 



Soaps will be made fresh and will need to be cut as soon as possible when delivered as it's still soft enough to cut. 


After which, the bars will need to be cured in a dry and well ventilated space away from sunlight for about 4-6 weeks before usage. 



Includes 9 regular sized soaps and 2 mini sample soaps. 

Lead time: 1.5 months to allow them to cure. Please contact us if you need it urgently.

  • Pre-order

    All items are currently on pre-order and will only be shipped at the end of Jan 2021. 

Choose your soap
Cut or uncut



Natural vegan soaps, shampoo bars & beauty products, handcrafted in Singapore in small batches.

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