Hand-knitted Soap Saver

Hand-knitted Soap Saver

No more slippery soap that falls out of your hands with our 100% Cotton hand-knitted Soap Saver bag.


Made of  Hand-Dyed 100% cotton, these silky soft bags act as an exfoliator and produces even more lather for our handcrafted soaps. 


Reduce waste by placing several small pieces of soap into the bag to finish them up. 


Made in Singapore.


  • Size

    The bag measures 9 cm by 8 cm.

  • How to use

    Pop your bar of soap into the bag and close it with the loop. Once done with your shower, hang it at a well ventilated area for it to dry. 




Natural vegan soaps, shampoo bars & beauty products, handcrafted in Singapore in small batches.

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